Sigvaris Sheer Fashion features: fabric feels soft against the skin; incredible sheer design in a variety of fashionable colors, sheer toe and heel area, comfortable stretch is excellent for everyday wear; and cotton-lined gusset on pantyhose styles.


All Sigvaris Sheer Fashion Thigh High include a Grip-Top.


If there are any open wounds in the region being treated, these wound areas must first be covered with a suitable wound dressing or stockinette before applying Sigvaris products.

Sigvaris Sheer Fashion: (Thigh) 15-20 mmHg - Model 120N

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  • Care and Maintenance

    To maintain your SIGVARIS garment, we recommend the following:

    • Wash daily by hand or in a laundry bag in a washing machine (delicate wash cycle) at max. 40 degrees. For hand-washing we recommend using our mild hand-washing detergent SIGVARIS WASHING SOLUTION. Do not use fabric softener!
    • Please do not put the stockings in the dryer as this will cause them to overheat and generate static electricity. Press the compression stockings between two dry towels and lay them out to dry in a shady place with plenty of ventilation. Do not place on heaters/radiators.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not dry clean. Do not use chemicals.

      Thigh stocking with grip-top: Human skin releases sweat, oil and skin cells. Thus, the silicone surface of the grip-top must be treated with particular care. Clean the silicone surfaces with SIGVARIS CLEAN PAD from time to time for better grip.

      Thigh stocking with waist attachment: Before washing, please match and fasten the Velcro strip carefully so that the entire area is protected.

      Caution: Sharp fingernails and rings with sharp edges can quickly result in defects. Pay due attention to these risks when donning and removing your stockings, and always wear rubber gloves!  Do not cut off any loose threads inside the stockings.