Juzo Therapy Tape more freedom for life's daily activities.  Kinesiology Tape helps provide support and stability for muscles and joints without limiting range of motion.  Juzo Therapy Tape can be combined with other therapies to maximize therapudic support.  Juzo Therapy Tape sticks through absolutely anything and it is a great alternative to heavy bandages.  Juzo Therapy Tape is not made using natural rubber.


If there are any open wounds in the region being treated, these wound areas must first be covered with a suitable wound dressing or stockinette before applying Juzo products.



Kineseology Therapy Tape, 5M, Black, Box 12

Kineseology Therapy Tape, 5M, Beige, Box 12

Kineseology Therapy Tape, 5M, Pink, Box 12

Kineseology Therapy Tape, 5M, Blue, Box 12

Kineseology Therapy Tape, 5M, 4 Colors, Box 12

Juzo Therapy Tape Box - Model 6050

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  • Care and Maintenance

    To maintain your JUZO Tape, we recommend the following:

    • Water Resistant for 5-7 Day Use
    • Can be worn 24/7 to help you stay active and healthy