Juzo SoftCompress Compression Bandages & Liners for Edema Therapy: are specialized Lympedema products that can be worn under Juzo short stretch bandages, Juzo compression wraps or Juzo compression garments.  Using Juzo SoftCompress products can significantly improve outcome from therapy compared to using foam or synthetic padding. 


The short-stretch bandages exerts low resting pressure and high working pressure.  They are machine washable and 100% cotton which is comfortable on the skin. 


If there are any open wounds in the region being treated, these wound areas must first be covered with a suitable wound dressing or stockinette before applying Juzo SoftCompress products.



Size 6 = 6 cm x 5 cm  (10 pieces in each box)

Size 8 = 8 cm x 5 cm  (10 pieces in each box)

Size 10 = 10 cm x 5 cm  (10 pieces in each box)

Size 12 = 12 cm x 5 cm  (10 pieces in each box)


Juzo SoftCompress Short Stretch Bandages - Model 6846

$105.99 Regular Price
$84.79Sale Price
  • Care and Maintenance

    To maintain your JUZO SoftCompress garment, we recommend the following:

    • Always store Juzo SoftCompress products at room temperature and always away from direct sunlight.
    • Please wash Juzo SoftCompress products daily.
    • Juzo SoftCompress products can be washed in the washing machine using a laundry detergent for delicate fabrics.  Please do not use any fabric softener.
    • Do not bleach Juzo SoftCompress products.
    • Do not machine dry.
    • You can reduce the drying time by placing Juzo SoftCompress products on a thick towel, rolling the towel up tightly, and firmly pressing out excess moisture.  Do not leave Juzo SoftCompress products in the towel and do not dry on a radiator or in the sun.  Dry on a flat surface.
    • Do not iron Juzo SoftCompress products.
    • Do not dry clean Juzo SoftCompress products.