The JOBST FarrowWrap STRONG footpiece provides compression for moderate to severe edema.  The footpiece is available in off-the-shelf (OTS) (shown to the right) and Trim-To-Fit (TTF) versions. 


Premium fabric with strong compression and soft inner layer suitable for patients with a good limb shape and moderate to severe edema.


Product Features:

  • Conforms to limb and resists sliding
  • Medically engineered state-of-the-art compression fabric that resists pilling and fraying
  • Very breathable
  • Easy maintenance - machine wash and dry (no heat)


If there are any open wounds in the region being treated, these wound areas must first be covered with a suitable wound dressing or stockinette before applying JOBST products.

JOBST FarrowWrap Strong (Footpiece) : 30-40 mmHg

$87.93 Regular Price
$70.34Sale Price
Color: Beige
  • Care and Maintenance

    To maintain your JOBST garment, we recommend the following:

    • Wash on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent
    • DO NOT use bleach or fabric softeners
    • Dry on low/no heat or air dry (air drying is recommended to extend garment life)