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Custom Compression Garments

The majority of compression products on the market and the selection in the Shop page of this website are called ready-to-wear or off-the-shelf products because they are based upon standard size guides (XS, S, M, L, XL, etc.).  If your measurements do not fit into one of the standardized sizes then custom garments may be right for you. 

Custom garments are expensive.  If you fall just beyond the standardized sizes available and don't want to purchase a custom garment we recommend that you search the shop for SIGVARIS products because they often provide Max sizing to broaden the size range of their garments and to reduce the need to order custom products. 


Custom garments are made to order specific to the customer measurements and are non-returnable due to the customized nature of the product.  You will need to be measured by a medical professional or a certified fitter, depending on the product, to obtain the correct measurements for a custom garment.  If you make a fitting appointment through this store you will be provided with a custom fitting by a certified specialist and a product review to discuss the best garment for your needs.  

To purchase a custom garment please contact our office via the Contact page and a custom garment representative will contact you to help place your Custom Compression Garment order.



  • Provides mild/moderate compression (20-30 mmHg)

  • Open-cell foam chips help soften fibrotic areas

  • Straps are easily adjusted and feature durable, medical grade material

  • Four-way stretch fabric contains moisture-wicking, odor control properties

  • Back drawstring and corset design allows patient to adjust garment easily

  • Easy care - machine wash and dry


  • Stage I or II Lymphedema

  • Mild Fibrosis

  • Post-surgical edema